Works as a broadhead carrier, a tightening wrench
and a blade sharpener all in one.
The ultimate broadhead storage device!

Three-in-one Broadhead Container!

The Missile Broadhead Container is the industry’s ultimate broadhead transport/storage device. In addition to working as a container that protects the blade edges, this completely waterproof, three-in-one design also works as a broadhead wrench and sharpening stone. Made from heavy duty materials, the Missile fits most broadheads and is safe to carry in your pocket or hunting pack.

The base piece of the Missile includes a threaded post that holds your broadhead in a free-floating position so the blades stay razor sharp at all times. Once the broadhead is secure in the base, the top piece simply screws on for a completely waterproof, dust-proof fit.

The top of the threaded post and the top of the lid includes sl otted grooves that allow you to use the base or lid as a wrench to tighten your broadhea d onto the shaft. The base also includes a sharpening stone on the bottom so you can quickly touch up the edge on dull broadhead blades and even your hunting knife.

Your broadheads deserve more than a styrofoam carrier that can dull the blades. The Missile Broadhead Container never touches the edge of a blade and works perfectly to keep your broadheads sharp, safe, and secure!

  • Safely carry extra broadheads in your pocket or pack
  • Design keep broadheads free-floating – never touches the edge of a blade
  • Base-post and lid work as a wrench to tighten broadheads on the shaft
  • Conveniently sharpen your blades or knife in the field
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Use it to hold extra blades, matches, license, etc.
  • Patents pending